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Welcome to Soho Recording Services

A central London recording studio and production house owned and run by a Mercury Music Prize nominated Composer Producer with over thirty years of professional experience in the Music Industry.


Whether you need to record new songs for professional release, high quality demos, mix existing tracks or require help on your first journeys into recording, I can ease you through the process quickly and smoothly. As a musician myself, it is paramount for me, that the artist is relaxed for the ideas to flow freely.


There is also a steady supply of fine coffee and a variety of specialist teas.

And with Soho on the doorstep, it's easy to find an endless choice of foods and drinks just a few minutes from the workspace.


The studio boasts a superb collection of high end vintage mics, valve & solid state mic pres and compressors, vintage guitars, amplifiers and effects.

Benchmark ADC-1/DAC-1 converters ensure the highest quality recordings.


I offer a range of tariffs based on requirements and a deal can be cut to suit most budgets.

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