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Equipment List


All recordings are captured using Logic Pro 9 or Logic Pro 10 on an Apple Mac Pro Tower



Universal Audio 6176 Tube Pre-amp/1176LN Limiter

Api 3124 - 4 Channels of esoteric Solid State Microphone Pre-amps

TL Audio VP 5051 - Single Valve Channel - Mic Pre - Compressor - EQ

ART Pro VLA2 - Stereo Valve Compressor

ADR F706X-RS - Vintage 1970's Stereo Compex Limiter

Pair of ADR F769X-R - Vocal Stressors - Vintage 1970 EQ + Compex Limiters

TC Electronic Stereo Chorus, Pitch Mod + Flanger - Vintage 1980s

Palmer Speaker Simulator



AKG C12A - Vintage 1960s Valve Condenser Microphone

Neumann KM-84i - Vintage 1970s Condenser Microphone

AKG Solid Tube - Valve Condenser Microphone

Pair of Earthworks SR-71 - Condenser Microphones

Sure SM58 Microphone


Audio Converters

Benchmark ADC1 & DAC1

Apogee Rosetta AD

Motu 2408 Mk2


Musical Instruments

Studiologic SL-880 - Fully Weighted 88 Note Keyboard - Midi Controller

Fender Mustang Bass - Vintage 1969

Gibson Artisan Les Paul - Vintage 1976

Gibson Les Paul Special - 1956

Custom built Stratocaster with Floyd Rose Tremolo

Fender Telecaster - Vintage 1973

Gibson Epiphone Steel String Acoustic Guitar

Gibson LG-1 Steel String Acoustic Guitar - Vintage 1959


Guitar Amplifiers

18 Watt Valve 'Marshall' Clone - point to point,  hand wired valve guitar amplifier

Supro 1606 - Vintage 1958 Valve Combo

Marshall DSL 40C

Watkins Westminster - Vintage 1960s Valve Combo

Watkins Clubman - Vintage 1960's Valve Combo


Effects Racks & Pedals

Roland DEP5 Multi Effect, Alessis Quadraverb, Roland SDE2000,

Marshall Guv'nor, TC Electronic Chorus, Pitch Mod + Flanger, Line 6 DM4, Line 6 Echo Park, Boss CS2, OC2,

PN2 & PF2, Danelectro Cool Cat, Guyatone ST2, PS2, MD3, SV2, SVm5, vintage Crybaby Wah Pedal.





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