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Recording Services

I offer a range of services from basic recording of a raw idea to anything up to and including programming, arrangement, production, additional instrumentation, finished mix and even co-writing depending on the needs of  each individual client.

Therefore I would recommend an initial consultation prior to the booking of studio time.

Consequently, the question of cost is totally dependent on the services required.

However I do have two basic packages


1. Record & Mix Package

This is inclusive of programming, any instrumentation that you require me to add (I am an accomplished guitarist & bassist and have basic keyboard skills) and one CD copy of the mix.

This package usually suits clients that already have a very strong idea of how they see their material sounding and mainly only require my assistance caputuring and mixing their performance.

This service is charged at £25 per hour.

A seven hour package deal is £160.


2. Production Package

This features all the services listed in option 1 but also includes my help with arrangement and production.

This usually suits the artist wtih a basic song idea that they want developed into a full production.

For instance an acoustic singer songwriter that wants to hear their song with bass, drums, electric guitar,  and possibly an orchestral arrangement.

This cost for this service is £35 per hour.

A seven hour package is £220









3. Video Demos

I also offer a video demo service at £30 per hour.

This consists of a one camera live recording complete with professional quality audio.

Recorded, mixed and rendered to a Quicktime movie file for uploading to Youtube or Vimeo.

Here is an example :


Songwriting Assistance

I can also assist with songwriting which some artists find helpful when they have come up against a wall, feel a song is almost there but can't quite resolve it to their satisfaction.
In this instance, any additions (new chord sequences, lyrics, melodies) that I provide and are used in the finished version would require you granting a negotiable percentage share of the songwriting to me. This is subject to a formal agreement. Usually by registering the agreed shares with PRS/MCPS.


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